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Продукция Clipsal Integrated Systems (C-Bus)

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7. Модули "входов/выходов"
C-Bus Programmable Control System. Analogue output, 0-10V
DIN Rail Mounted C-Bus Analogue Output Unit, 4 Channel C-Bus Analogue Output Unit, 0-10Vdc, no C-Bus Power Supply, Learn Enabled
C-Bus DIN Mounted General Input Unit. 4 Channel, with 24Vac Aust Plug Pack
C-Bus Auxiliary Input Unit, DIN Rail Mounted. Facilitates access to the C-Bus system via any dry contact switch mechanism such as the Clipsal 30M range. Allowing any style of switch plate to be used with the C-Bus, including Heritage or 56 series Industrial Switches. 4 Channel, learn enabled module
C-Bus Bus Coupler Input Unit, 2 Channel C-Bus Bus Coupler, with remote LED facility
General Input Module. Used to interface up to four standard voltage free mechanical switches, including latching and toggle switches to C-Bus. The unit is designed to fit into a standard wall box. C-Bus Bus Coupler Learn Enabled.
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