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Продукция "Smart-Bus"

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4. Устройства доступа
Сенсорная панель на входную дверь

Intelligent Door Bell With Room/Apt Number Back Lit, Capacitive Touch Technology, Elegant Crystal Glass Finish, Functions: (DND, Clean Room, and Pick Laundry indicators), Online update to house keeping, and Front office.
Сенсорная панель на входную дверь со встроенным считывателем карт

Elegance with Compact Integrated Function
A New Generation of Door Panels for Hotel Guest Room Luxury standards of Hotels
The 17 cm Panel Accommodate all Hospitality Room Door needs in one compact space elegantly: (Bell, DND, Clean Room, Please wait/Pick Laundry, Room Number & *Card Reader) Screw Less Mechanism Mounting (Magnets)
Коробка монтажная для дверной сенсорной панели

Back Box for Intelligent Door Bell Unit (Special GI), 16X10X5cm Approximately
Считыватель карт доступа

Smart Energy Master Room Card Control, with Delay Timer, Bus Enabled
Биометрический считыватель отпечатака пальцев настольный

BioSwitch provides biometry through RS232 or RS485 interface for third party controllers in Security systems, Home automation, Industry and anywhere if personal verification is needed. BioSwitch is adaptable for implementing within the systems for Home Automation, Alarm or Access controllers. By simple finger swipe you can send command to the devices attached to controller’s outputs.
Биометрический считыватель отпечатака пальцев настенный

BioInSet is easy to use, flush mount biometry fingerprint reader. Comes in a standard flush plastic box, with plastic frames in various colours.
Биометрическая антивандальная клавиатура

All metal vandal resistant biometry keypad ideal for outdoor use. Two outputs for door, alarm, duress. Removable, pluggable memory key for fingerprint template backup and transfer to another Bio’X. The memory key can be also used in.
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